This program was temporarily interrupted…

Let the BeautyMany thanks to those who have stopped by, donated their time to read and review Waking Oisin, and many more thanks to those who have bought my books. I had an incredible boost in June sales, and I am incredibly grateful to you all!

Seven Months, the working title for the sequel to Seven Minutes is underway. I anticipate a 2019 release. Devon and Stone are so fun to write and I miss those guys.

I’ve got two other contemporary romance novels finished. I’m in the process of gathering the funds for editing and all the goodies that go along with self publishing to release these darlings. 2019 is going to be a busy year!

Life has thrown a few hurdles my way and interrupted writing. I’m not through the storm yet, but at least there’s a blue sky in sight now!

XOXO, Grace