Happy New Year

It’s only the seventh, I haven’t missed it by much. The rain here in California is beautiful to see, and so very welcomed this new year. I’m sure the drivers suck on the 5 Freeway agreed with me as they found themselves surrounded in water, or diverted into one lane. But we can’t really complain. The flooding, so far, is nothing compared to what other states have seen, and we desperately need the water.

Meanwhile, I was up at three this morning. Cat howls for food. Dog shakes his collar–his way of telling me he needs to go out. Husband groans. I give up, and take care of the animals, grab a cup of coffee, and start mentally outlining the plot changes I need to make. Two hours, and a few thoughts, later I crawl back in bed. The cat is hogging up my side so I squeeze in. She keeps me warm. Husband still snoring. My mind is still contemplating plot changes as I drift off to sleep.



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