Holiday Book Hop and Election Thoughts

This week has not been easy to digest for any of us in the LGBT+QIA community or for any women who values prochoice. I’ve voiced my opinion and met with opposition, had friends who have been punched or insulted by those who wish to take their rights away. I feel like the world has gone completely mad, and yet for there to be this much animosity, I realize this underbelly of racism and hatred was always there. That alone is a terribly sad realization.

According to the Washington Post, millennials, regardless of religion, race, or ethnicity, believe contraception, inclusive of Plan B, should be accessible and affordable. Also 7% identify as something other than heterosexual. –The Washington, March 27, 2015. My friend, a middle school teacher, cites her students prefer to be labeled as fluid. These are the voters of the future and they give me hope during this period where our rights appear to be threatened. Whatever happens in the next four years, we will meet it with stern opposition. No person, regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference, should be seen as less than.

Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term, which translates as non-violence. It can be expecting too much of yourself, gossiping about others, or acting out of fear. The Gaia website offers this thought, “Make a decision to intentionally respect and even love the limitations you and your body have. Accept then release the negative thoughts about yourself or others.” There is no doubt I completely loathe the man our country has elected. Releasing negative thoughts about the state of our country seems contrary to what my gut says.

The truth is, I can’t change what happened. I voted and did my civic duty, though it lacked the result I desired. I can’t change him. He is a rich, privileged, white man, who seems to value opinions of other rich, privileged, white men, and who has an agenda that does not align with my beliefs. The only things I can change are my thoughts. I can become proactive, offer others support, sign petitions, protest, and fight for equality and the environment. I will forgive myself if the battle gets too hard at times and I need a break because I know it will leave me stronger to fight later. I invite you all to do the same. Be kind to yourself. Love is stronger than hate, and let’s stay united.

Now for something completely different…and much needed LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

So many good books coming out this holiday season promoting LOVE! Visit for a list of authors, including Nicki, who have some holiday cheer to spread. We could all use a little love right about now.



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