New Publishing Deal

I’m very excited to announce that I’ve signed a deal with NineStar Press for “Waking Oisin.” The tentative release date is March 2018, and I can’t wait to share his journey with you! He’s tattooed, pierced, and struggling to find his way. Good thing he meets an older man to guide him. He loves his best friend and has tattooed his favorite Rumi quote (though its paraphrased) to remind him no matter where he’s hurting, his BFF is there for him. img_3044-1

The quote reminds me that, in pain there is growth. It’s the flower blooming between the crack in the pavement. The past couple of years, and even more so in the past three months, I’ve faced a substantial hurdle with my health. The limitations it’s presented are uncomfortable and frustrating as I’m not able to do the things I once did. Fighting the change in my body did little good. So this year, I decided to accept it and used it as an opportunity to grow. Through the process of journaling and meditation, I’ve discovered that life before the health issues wasn’t as grand as I’d thought, that my motivations were misguided and unhealthy, and worse, that I wasn’t being true to myself. Had that wound never occurred, I’d still be roaming around in the dark.

Obstacles and the pain they create are opportunities to learn, to grow, and to let the light illuminate an otherwise hidden facet of ourselves. Once we see this, we can find comfort is the most uncomfortable of situations: This is Life on Life’s terms.